Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chess Set

This is my take on the LEWS CHESS SET,this set is held in, and can be viewed at

This set was made  over 8 months between November 2008 and  June 2009 , but not carving full time, I had lots of rests periods. This piece was made with a fair bit passion and was donated to the Abbey Museum in Caboolture Queensland.

Very proud of this carving, and put it out to you people to be judged. Your comments are welcome.

The board is Black bean and Silver Ash 730 mm square and each square  is 84 mm

The chess pieces are White beech and Chillean Myrtle. The kings are 155 mm high.






Happy Carving,

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  1. Congratulation for your chess set, real precious work. I'm a servant of a young hungarian carver. I clean the woodpieces from the worms if iam able to visit my friend in Budapest. Because im living in a remote village. I write a blog, there are few articles about carving too. Now we started to translate to english hopefully few weeks later it will be available. But still you can check out all of my friend's work through my lens at his blog:
    under translation:
    the hungarian version:
    I wish you good carving days
    David Bozsaky