Friday, January 29, 2010

January Carvings

After the xmas and new year break ,I felt the need to have a carving fix.
Funny how some things can affect a person, but it is out of the system now and I can relax once again.

Enjoyed all three carvings but I do like carving Greenmen.

Wall mask in spanish Cedar, finished with danish oil. 250 mm high.

Wall mask in camphor laurel,finish danish oil. 250 mm high.

Greenman in camphor laurel, finish danish oil. 230 mm dia.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick Update

The church statue is not looking very promising. Although I have been keeping the piece covered with wet rags and inside a plastic bag, the cracks are still opening up. When I open up in the morning all the cracks are closed up but by end of day they are back and big. Where I have carved deep, between the chin and the folded hands on her chest I thought that I had carved through the cracks,but that section is now cracking also. Will continue with the roughing out a little longer for the practice.

I have been side tracked from the statue over the last week with other bits and pieces to be done. The museum runs a archaeological dig for school kids and some of the artifacts needed repair or replacing before the start of the new school year which is only a couple of weeks away. The wooden artifact do take some damage over the year the kids being a bit rough with things and the wooden artifacts suffering damage from being buried in damp sand all the time. It is a great learning curve for children to take part in a organized dig with dust pan and brush ,a sieve and having to record what ever they find in the correct way.

The weather today is great so it is a great day to carve, the same as every other day.

Happy Carving,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Church Statue

G'day, this is my first update on the church statue that I mentioned in my last post. I remembered to take the camera for some pics.

The chosen piece of liquid Amber. The splits started as soon as the bark was removed.
1100 mm x 300 mm

My working plan.

Start of the roughing out stage.

At present I am carving two days per week and wrap the piece in wet cloth and  seal with a plastic bag to try to slow down the mosture lose.When I take the cloth off all the cracks are closed but reappear as the day goes on. Things are not looking very promising but maybe I can carve through the splits into good wood

Until next time,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Start of 2010

The start of 2010, it would be a great year if  this is the year that we achieve world peace.

The year has started with my biggist carving challenge ever.  A local church/museum where I do a little voluntary work has cut down a hugh liquid amber tree growing too close to the church. They have asked me to carve a statue of Our Lady Mary to stand by the altar.  A section of trunk has been selected and the balance of the tree went to the local woodworking club.
I have started by asking the club to slab the trunk lengthwise through the heart and the statue will be about 850 mm high.
I have been advised to work this timber green and also that it is very prone to splitting. The splitting has already started, so it is kept wrapped in wet cloth. I do hope that I can carve out the splits and complete the project.
Next Thursday I will take the camera and start recording the progress.

Happy Carving,