Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick Update

The church statue is not looking very promising. Although I have been keeping the piece covered with wet rags and inside a plastic bag, the cracks are still opening up. When I open up in the morning all the cracks are closed up but by end of day they are back and big. Where I have carved deep, between the chin and the folded hands on her chest I thought that I had carved through the cracks,but that section is now cracking also. Will continue with the roughing out a little longer for the practice.

I have been side tracked from the statue over the last week with other bits and pieces to be done. The museum runs a archaeological dig for school kids and some of the artifacts needed repair or replacing before the start of the new school year which is only a couple of weeks away. The wooden artifact do take some damage over the year the kids being a bit rough with things and the wooden artifacts suffering damage from being buried in damp sand all the time. It is a great learning curve for children to take part in a organized dig with dust pan and brush ,a sieve and having to record what ever they find in the correct way.

The weather today is great so it is a great day to carve, the same as every other day.

Happy Carving,


  1. I empathise with you. I'd a similar experiece with a ladel I made. There the cracks appeared after I'd almost finished rge carving. I've since used a product on apple wood , the wood is gree and still shows no sign of cracking. If your interested I send you the product name.

  2. Thanks Diy, yes I am interested in the product name.