Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Start of 2010

The start of 2010, it would be a great year if  this is the year that we achieve world peace.

The year has started with my biggist carving challenge ever.  A local church/museum where I do a little voluntary work has cut down a hugh liquid amber tree growing too close to the church. They have asked me to carve a statue of Our Lady Mary to stand by the altar.  A section of trunk has been selected and the balance of the tree went to the local woodworking club.
I have started by asking the club to slab the trunk lengthwise through the heart and the statue will be about 850 mm high.
I have been advised to work this timber green and also that it is very prone to splitting. The splitting has already started, so it is kept wrapped in wet cloth. I do hope that I can carve out the splits and complete the project.
Next Thursday I will take the camera and start recording the progress.

Happy Carving,

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